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Warming balm with CBD: Keeps muscles and joints flexible
It's important to reduce muscle stiffness and promote flexible joints so you can stay active and do what you love. Whether that's an hour-long session at the gym, repetitive daily movements or loads on your hands, wrists and elbows at work; Warming Balm with CBD utilizes cannabidiol (CBD) and expertly selected ingredients to keep your body mobile.

In addition to the power of cannabidiol, butylvanillyl ether acts as an essential ingredient to keep joints flexible. This is crucial to staying active every day. The warming sensation promotes your freedom of movement and improves microcirculation - the circulation of blood to small blood vessels in your muscles.

Don't let anything come between you and your fitness goals and choose Warming Balm with CBD. Harness the power of cannabidiol and proven compounds to stay in optimal shape, day in and day out.


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Brand Cibdol

THC Free

CBD (mg)

52mg CBD